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What is AreaMessage?

With the AreaMessage mobile app it is all about your location. You can share information and questions with people at your location. Share with people you know and people you do not (yet) know.

For example:

  • Share your pet is missing.
  • Notify someone left the car lights on.
  • Tell your area you found keys on the corner of the street.
  • Share delay with public transport.
  • Borrow things from neighbours.
  • Communicate with people you know or not yet know at an event.
Some things are only interesting for people at the same location, that's when you use AreaMessage.

Why use AreaMessage?

Sometimes a location is more relevant than a friendship. Like a nearby neighbour can be more helpful than a friend far away. Post your message at your location and people in your area will receive your message.

Because not all people stay at one location all the time, the messages are only available for a couple of hours, so it is all about here and now.

For example:

  • 'A missing pet' is only relevant now.
  • 'Car lights' is only relevant here.
  • 'Keys on the corner of the street' could be the keys of a friend, but definitely of someone in this area.
  • 'Delay with public transport' is not relevant for your twitter followers, but relevant for other travelers.
  • 'Current event information' is mainly interesting for visitors.
Wherever you are, you are always part of a community.

How to use AreaMessage?

You can use AreaMessage on your mobile device (we support iPhone and Android).

Download the app from one of the stores and be one of the pioneers!

Download AreaMessage app on the App Store   Get AreaMessage app on Google Play

Go and post a new message with your own subject or reply on a message from your area.

Be friendly, be neighbourly!